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Manufacturers D2C Event:
Maximum Marketing ROI, Minimum Fraud

Risk v Reward: Balancing Fraud and Profit
12 February 2009, Schiphol, Amsterdam

Risk v reward

It’s the classic Risk/Reward dilemma. Spending a great deal to acquire customers, only to lose them to fraud processes or actual charge-backs!

So how does a company weigh up credit-card fraud detection measures against commercial pressures to sell? This is the €500m issue that affects the entire e-commerce business in Europe.

Join e-commerce colleagues from other major vendors to learn best-practices, compare fraud rates, and discuss how merchants can band together and help combat credit-card fraud. 

It is the second Manufacturers D2C Europe round-table and is NO COST to attend. And there are no vendors who will try to sell to you!

Risk v Reward: Balancing Fraud and Profit

For merchant D2C sales

10h - 14h, Thursday 12 February 2009

Hilton Hotel, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam NL

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Event Summary

It is not sexy to combat fraud. No one really wants to talk about it. But it is a huge cost to the e-commerce business due to:

  • fraud prevention measures (checking each order)
  • losing revenue to chargebacks for fraudulent customers
  • managing chargebacks from credit card companies
  • wasted marketing money
  • negative customer experience - risk upsetting regular customers

For years the credit card industry has pushed the risk of fraud on to merchants, and in the current climate governments and banks seem to have other priorities than help preventing credit card fraud. Gangs of criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and cross border fraud will likely increase. 

Now it's time for e-commerce merchants to stand up, and work together to provide some industry solutions!

Please join this bold industry-wide initiative led by Nike to work on joint ways to beat the fraudsters.



Welcome and Introductions

Adam Dorrell, Director Directness

Adam has a 10 year e-commerce history, including running sites for Compaq, Dell, FairMarket, SonyStyle Europe


"If everyone is an a gang, we better form our own gang!"

Bob McNinch, VP Avanquest Online Sales

Delighting Customers (but Frustrating the Fraudsters) - Bob will draw on more than 15 years of managing customer-driven organisations, and 10 years of e-commerce experience from companies including IBM, Apple, Dell, DigitalRiver.  

Fraud Survey Results

Presentation of Manufacturer D2C Fraud Survey Results (make sure you complete your form here) Click Here to take survey


How Nike stops the cheats: Managing the team effectively

Michaela Verstraeten, Digital Commerce Fraud Team Manager, Nike Europe

Round-Table discussion: Building an industry wide solution to combatting fraud.

Contributions from the room on steps to beat fraud - benchmarking fraud resources, common screening methods, customer communication etc.


Customisation to serve Nike consumers

Ronald van Drunen, Digital Commerce Operations Manager, Nike Europe

Ronald runs the highly successful Nike-ID shop and will explain how customisation can help beat the fraudsters


Four Recession-Busting Bullets

Adam Dorrell

Four no-cost (or low cost) tried and tested methods  to increase business from your customer base





One of the objectives is to form an industry alliance to work effectively against fraud, but as with all Manufacture D2C events the networking an sharing best practice in e-commerce is always valuable. We hope you find the event compelling and will join us to contribute to the discussion.

Event is strictly invitation only to around 30 executives and managers from major merchants with direct to consumer (D2C) sales. Please register here.  this link

Kindly sponsored by Nike Europe and CustomerGauge, and organised by Directness in association with industry network Manufacturer D2C e-commerce Europe. No charge to attend, but limited places.

For more details call +31 629436360 or email

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